“I discovered I would save a TON of money
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Why Hardwood Flooring Installation In Vancouver Is Actually Cheaper When You Spend Extra Money On Sub-Floor Leveling

When we take out a carpet and do hardwood flooring installation in Vancouver or laminate flooring installation, we find that over 90 percent of sub-floors are very uneven. You don’t notice the dips and bumps when walking around on a carpet because flexible carpeting and underlay hides the imperfections.

In addition to unevenness, the subfloor can have “waves”, “bumps”, “dips” and large and small “hollow spots”. All of these are disastrous for a new laminate or hardwood flooring installation in Vancouver.

Even when we are replacing an existing laminate or hardwood floor there are many cases where the subfloor is not level. People become used to the ups and downs and unevenness of their floor, so it doesn’t bother them.

Why Hardwood And Laminate Should Be Installed On Perfectly Flat Subfloor

If we install hardwood or laminate tiles over an uneven floor, there are gaps between the tile and the subfloor. When there is no contact with the subfloor to support the tiles, they can sag or even break in a relatively short period of time. Glued-down hardwood flooring will just “peel off” if they are not flush with the subfloor.

When you walk on hardwood flooring without leveling the subfloor, it will “feel wrong” or “feel soft” or make strange sounds. A hardwood floor that does not touch the ground (subfloor) consistently, can crack and fall apart quickly.

What a waste! You spent all that money to make your flooring look beautiful and then it falls apart in a short period of time because the flooring installers wanted to save the time and expense involved in leveling the subfloor. It can take a day or more to level a subfloor. By not doing the leveling, you save a lot of time and money… but you won’t be happy with the results.

The Problem With Pricing Hardwood Flooring Installation In Vancouver

If flooring installers mention subfloor leveling in the pricing, their quote becomes more expensive than others who won’t bother to do the job properly. Many flooring installers think the “smart” thing to do is to just not mention subfloor leveling, quote a cheaper price and fast installation and get the contract.

Unfortunately, in the vast majority of cases, going for the “cheaper” price at installation time will cost you a lot more when it comes time to hire someone to go back and cut out the bad areas of the new floor and replace and patch the hardwood or laminate flooring. And, keep in mind, “patching” a new hardwood floor often won’t look right.

It’s better to get it done the right way, the first time.  Proper subfloor leveling technique - hardwood flooring installation in vancouver

Of course, it is a good idea to try to get the best price when hiring hardwood flooring installers, but you have to make sure they will do it the job properly.

Choosing The “Right” Hardwood Flooring Installer

I would suggest you not mention anything about leveling the subfloor and let the installer start the conversation. If they don’t mention subfloor leveling, you have to wonder what other “shortcuts” they will take to reduce the price and get the contract? What will they NOT do that will cost you money and headaches down the road?

Level Quik subfloor - hardwood flooring installation vancouver

Proper hardwood floor installation in Vancouver requires subfloor leveling in most cases

The big problem with trying to quote for subfloor leveling is that you can’t figure out if leveling needs to be done until AFTER the carpet or other flooring has been removed.

For laminate and hardwood flooring installation in Vancouver, most manufacturers recommend a maximum of 1/8 inch difference in leveling across a 10 ft. distance, yet it is normal to see as much as an inch or more unevenness in a lot of cases.

The only way to know what needs to be done is to first remove the existing flooring, then do a detailed inspection to find imperfections.

Don’t be in a hurry. Let the professionals take the right steps needed to do the job properly.

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