Custom Made Stair Nosing That Matches Your Hardwood Or Laminate Floor, 100%

When you put hardwood or laminate flooring on your stairs, you will need something called stair nosing. That is the piece of wood sticking out of edge of the stair as shown below.

Traditionally you have two choices, get factory made, colour matched stair nose and pay a ridiculous amount of money, usually about 15-18 dollars a linear ft; or get a piece of natural wood stair nose and stain it to match your flooring. This costs 7-10 dollars a linear ft. It’s more cost effective but it is not going to match you flooring 100 percent. Because it was stained in a workshop and not in a factory. The stain is different, the process is different. Also if it is not done correctly, most stained to match hardwood stair noses will fade and scratch more easily than the rest of the stair. Leaving your stairs looking pretty beat up in a few years.

We have the perfect solution for you: we will mill your flooring planks into stair noses!

We will take a flooring plank like this:

hardwood stair nosing 1   hardwood stair nosing 2






and turn it in to something like this:

hardwood stair nosing 3    hardwood stair nosing 4







So you can have results like this:

hardwood stair nosing 5    hardwood stair nosing 6







Now your stair nose will be a perfect match to your flooring, and it will lock on to the rest of the stair perfectly!

Your custom made hardwood stair nose has the same factory applied anti scratch finish, just like the rest of your stairs.

AND these custom made hardwood or laminate stair nosing will save you money!  Contact us for more details!!