The FLOW series 12.3 mm AC3 wide plank laminate flooring.

These floors are of excellent quality. We don’t cut corners when it comes to bringing in foreign laminate products. We check references of the factories, we test the laminate floors before we buy and we never ever sacrifice quality of the flooring to better prices.

We only buy floors with patented click systems. There are many other importers buy knock off click systems that works half of the time. That is just not us. We work with trust worthy flooring manufacturers that does things the right way. Because we want to be a trust worthy flooring business that will stand out among others. Also because we choose to buy a proven, tested floor locking system, it makes the installation part so much easier. The planks will fall into place without banging and knocking. Our laminate floors is the perfect flooring system for DIYers out there. If you are an professional installer, you will appreciate this more than anything else. The knock off floor locking systems does not last as long and will come apart more easily. No installer wants to be called back for separating boards. Because that means expensive and time consuming fixes.

AC3 anti- scratch rating means the laminate flooring easy to clean, easy to maintain. We want you to enjoy the floor you buy from us, not to spend hours cleaning it.