All types of underlayment available, ask us for details!1. Acoustic Foam IIC 72- STC 73 (For hardwood and laminate)

Black Foam Underlaymetn

– Standard requirement for condos in downtown core, and Vancouver West side. In other cities, the acoustic requirement for underlayment is usually lower. Most commonly we have a 3 mm black foam acoustic underlayment in stock.

2. Rubber underpad (Durason)Dura-son is one of the few underlayment on the market that has a high FIIC (Field IIC rating). Which means the acoustic capability of this product is tested in real life settings, hence the acoustic rating on this product is the most proven. It is also one of the few underlayment that can be used in a double glue down hardwood installation method. Meaning a layer of glue is applied to glue the underlayment to the subfloor, then adhesive is applied to the surface of the underlayment to glue the hardwood flooring planks down.

3. Cork underpad 3mm – 6 mm (For glue down installation, hardwood and laminate)

4. Chopped foam underpad 8 lb – 10 lb, for carpet

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