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Let our hardwood flooring installers bring out the best in the hardwood you have already selected or you can select from the top hardwood manufacturers here.  Below, is an example of the type of professionalism you can expect from our Vancouver flooring installers.

Getting A Silky Smooth Floor Proves Challenging For Vancouver Hardwood Flooring Installers In South Cambie Condo

The goal of our professional hardwood flooring installers is to create a perfectly smooth finish.  This proved to be a real challenge in an old Vancouver condo that has settled in a way that the floor is slanted.

Vancouver hardwood flooring installers - South Cambie condoOur flooring installers could have gone ahead and installed the hardwood floor without doing anything about it because after the new hardwood was installed you wouldn’t really be able to see the imperfection with the naked eye.  Lesser Vancouver flooring installers would have simply laid down the floor and not bothered making the hardwood flooring perfectly level.

Not leveling the floor before installing the hardwood would lead to bigger problems later on.  If the floor is not level, the transitions between boards will start to stick out a little over time.  You may still not be able to see the imperfection from a distance, but you would feel it in your feet from time to time as you walk on the floor.  The slightly risen tiles would catch dirt and would easily stain.  It’s definitely not a good thing.

Our flooring installers just couldn’t live with themselves knowing that the floor would not be perfectly smooth and level.  They needed to do something, but what?  The standard way of installing hardwood flooring wouldn’t be good enough.  They needed a creative solution.

Normally, hardwood flooring installers would come across uneven floors like this in older Vancouver condos, but this was in a brand new home!

One end of the flooring was one inch below the other end.  Hardwood tiles Tricky problem solved by Vancouver hardwood flooring installers in South Cambie condoare only 3/4 inch thick so somehow our flooring installers needed to raise the level of one end of the floor before installing the hardwood flooring.

After a lot of debating our hardwood flooring installers decided to pour 3/4 inch of self leveling concrete at the deep end of the floor.  Unfortunately, they poured a little extra and the floor ended up being 1/16th inch too high.

Again, our hardwood flooring installers could have “fudged it”, but fortunately they are too much of perfectionists to tolerate even a little bit of variation. So, now, they had to sand sand down each plank of hardwood flooring by 1/16th inch.  That’s a lot of extra work to cover 20 ft. of flooring.

The job ended up taking an extra day and a half, but the customer was very happy.  That’s really what makes it all worthwhile for skilled craftsmen who take pride in their work.

At Kingsway Interiors we take great pride in hiring the best Vancouver flooring installers in the business.  We have a showroom featuring a wide variety of hardwood flooring and carpet samples.  We also have access to the full line of products offered by some of the top manufacturers and suppliers in the world.

Take some time to explore the quality hardwood selections recommended by Vancouver hardwood flooring installers.  In particular we would like to bring your attention to Dansk Hardwood Flooring.  DANSK Hardwood flooring has created collections with a unique look and feel, crafted in stylish colors by combining different species of hardwood flooring textures and cutting-edge designs.

Dansk Hardwood Floor - Vancouver hardwood flooring installers

Vancouver Hardwood Flooring Installers Recommend The Quality Of Dansk Hardwood Floor Collections

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